We've been part of the Six Points community for over 95 years.  People come, though, from all over to be part of the good things happening at St. Andrew's.  Our past is full of great stories.  The future? We think it's exciting!  


"I like being a part of a community of faith that is joyful in its worship of God and where I am encouraged in my walk with Jesus.I am blessed to
attend here!"-Jane


Mission & Vision of
St. Andrew's



Helping all people experience a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.  



To be a connecting community where Jesus' love and power is transforming lives, families, friends and society.  


Atmosphere of the Church


What's in the air at St. Andrew's?  Grace and love mixed with plenty of joy and hope.  There's the sense that God is very real and very active in our lives when we get together and wherever we live and go.  To see God draw people into a life-changing relationship with himself is very exciting!  Want to know more? 


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Visit Sundays at 10am!