Student Ministry

Or as we like to call it, B.A.C.O.N

We know our name is not Kosher and we truly don’t mean to offend…We are simply trying to B.ecome A.uthentic C.hristians O.thers  N.otice.


Becoming, because we know that faith is a life long process. 

Authentic, because whatever else faith and religion are about, for us… we just wanna keep it real! 


Christians, meaning follower of Christ.. and that is who we wish to follow. 



Well, we admit we do enjoy attention.. and for us Authentic faith is a faith that people can see.. and authentic Christian faith ought to reflect the love and Grace of Jesus Christ in the lives of his followers. 


Our Programs


The Underground

WHEN: Sunday Mornings

The "Underground" is our Sunday morning youth environment. For youth grade six to high school.  Youth begin Sunday morning in the sanctuary with their parents during the opening worship; they are then dismissed with the other students, to the underground. Here youth talk about life and faith in an open, safe, environment.  


Drop-in and Life group

WHEN: Tuesday Nights / Drop-in at 3:30/ Life group at 6:30

The drop- in is a time for youth to hang-out in a safe place. Young people (grades 6-9) are free to drop-in to do home work or play in the gym. At 6:30 we begin our life group; we share a meal and talk about life and sometimes we play music or just hang out together.



History Makers

Periodically, our groups get together for History Maker Events. During these gatherings we sometimes go on retreats, trips to laser quest or just play in the Gym. Whatever we do, it will be a safe time for teens to invite their friend and have some fun while we make history together. 

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Visit Sundays at 10am!